Hugo theme not rendered correctly

March 15, 2016

You have built your site with Hugo. hugo server command renders the site fine. But hosting it on github pages or your webserver renders it garbled or does not render correctly. If you have hit the above behavior, you are not alone.

tl; dr

The baseurl in config.(yaml|toml) should point to the url on which the site is hosted and not the domain name. For e.g. if you are hosting the site on github, setting should be

baseurl = "http://<your-user-name>"
and not

if you are hosting locally or on your own, it should be

baseurl = "http://<ip-address>:<port>/"

Note the trailing / that ends the base url.

The problem is with the base url setting and styling associated with it. Normally most of the themes have partials(partial html snippets which make up a page) like following below.

Ideally, the themes should have used relative indexes instead of absolutely referring urls, since browsers take care of them. However, most of themes out there refer resources from Site.BaseURL.

The reason why this works when run with hugo server command is that, Hugo internally replaces the baseurl with the localhost:port to localhost:1313(defaults) and hence they are rendered correctly.

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